Ultra® Experience
Bausch & Lomb


Bausch & Lomb

Bausch + Lomb has transformed monthly contact lenses market by introducing Ultra®. Born to satisfy consumers’ new needs, who suffer from dry eyes and blurry vision, the new lens is effective, safe and comfortable all day long.


Ultra Experience

An unconventional hourglass, metaphor of time passing, is the impactful key visual of the campaign. Here time stops to keep the performances of the lens unchanged until the end of the month. Ultra® has challenged time and won, thanks to its patented Moisture Seal technology that maintains moisture and comfort all day long for healthy eyes and clear vision.


In store communication

In order to support the launch of the new product, we’ve developed several POS materials for optical stores: window stickers, displays, shelf signs, counter mats, leaflets, together with some gadgets for trade people.

web design


B+L revises its digital strategy and launches a unique website for the whole vision care department: both contact lenses and solutions.
It has been designed to present the benefits of the products and tell tips and curiosities on vision care overall, too. Starting from its naming, which emphasizes company’s heritage focused on vision, to the content strategy, built on blog and social media.

Virtual reality


In order to explain and enhance the unique and innovative features of its cutting-edge technology, Ultra® is the hero of a VR video addressed to opticians: a stunning and engaging experience inside the lens, at 360°, to discover their formulation and performance.