Stay Colored!
Bausch & Lomb


Bausch & Lomb

Bausch + Lomb is back in the sunglasses market with the launch of a new brand: Joy of Life. The collection is colourful, with 15 colour combinations, and young, inspired by those who face life with lightness and irony. It’s a return to the origin for the company founded in New York in 1853 and became a benchmark, in the following decades, thanks to the launch of the everlasting Ray-Ban model.


Stay colored

It’s the essence of the campaign, the mantra of the brand, a synthesis of the product and its positioning. The spokespeople are two unusual testimonials, multi-coloured and refined, irreverent and smart: a lion and a monkey, who have peeked out from the shop windows and from the web pages.



The distribution channel is the optical store. They’ve been set up with multi-subject displays, both for windows and for counters, where our animals have become real models to wear the product. An impact visual to bring to life the Staycolored concept in stores and in occasion of dedicated events.

Web design

One page responsive site

A brand-new responsive website has been designed and developed for the sunglasses collection, to provide users with the best experience every time and on every device. It’s the lion, the hero of the campaign, to welcome them and to invite them to discover all the contents: the presentation of the collection, the technical characteristics of the product, the promotional activities, the company's history and the store locator to look for the nearest store.

Social Media

To support the launch and to build brand awareness and call to action towards the point of sale, a facebook page has been opened. We’ve set up a detailed editorial and advertising plan in order to achieve the fixed goal in terms of number of fans and level of engagement. This social has in fact allowed the brand to involve its public on many different themes, including lifestyle and events.


Photo contest

We’ve reached then the audience in stores and on facebook to invite them to express their Staycolored mood, through the #staycolored with Bausch Sunglasses contest. It’s a photo contest with an immediate and engaging mechanics: register, share your #staycolored picture and try to win a safari in South Africa. Yes, just for the close encounter with the lion!